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Population: 429


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Truly enjoy Grosses-Roches by passing through the village. There is a nice waterfall and the shore is still inviting for the amateur fisherman. The origin of the name Grosses-Roches (big rocks) comes from the size of the rocks on the seaside.

Traveling east, you will notice that the landscape becomes mountainous. Strangely enough, these landscapes, praised today for their beauty, were not long ago despised by the first settlers and missionaries. You have to understand that in those days, roads were almost nonexistent and to travel through the mountains and cliffs was very risky and dangerous.

The church
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
The falls
Photo: Josée Bourdon
West of Grosses-Roches
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
Harbour area
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
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