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Population: 5


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This village used to be called Assametquagan, which means "appearing at the detour". When colonization started, life evolved mainly around the train station built in 1878 and salmon fishing. That is why Routhierville was named after a station master, Alphonse Routhier. In 1931, construction of Routhierville's bridge measuring 78.6 m was finally concluded.

There are only about 10 buildings on the west side of Matapedia River but Routhierville is remarkable due to its impressive covered bridge. There is a rest area along Hwy 132 where you can truly enjoy the view of the bridge.

The bridge entrance
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
The old train station built in 1878
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
Routhierville as seen from the viewpoint
Photo: Stéphane Gauthier
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